Walkabout Air Private, executive jet services and chartering
Walkabout Air Private, executive jet services and chartering
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Jet & Aircraft Chartering

Your Journey Is Our Mission!

Chartering an aircraft with Walkabout Air ensures top-of-the-line service and the utmost convenience. Walkabout Air is a full service aviation company with charter aircraft located in Tampa with the capabilities to arrange private lift anywhere your travel plans take you.

At Walkabout Air, you are in complete control of your travel schedule. When you fly with us, the uncertainty of flight availability, overbooking and waiting in long lines are eliminated. Our experienced staff and flight crews help you save time and avoid hassles, while providing the utmost in safety, security and luxury.

Walkabout Air exceeds the maintenance standards required by the Federal Aviation Administration, and our pilots meet the same demanding training requirements as the national air carriers.

Whatever your air travel needs, Walkabout Air can be your personal travel assistant. Our diverse fleet of high-performance aircrafts and staff of skilled aviation professionals strive to exceed your expectations every time you fly with us.


Q. Why should I use Walkabout Air for private charter?
A.  Flying with Walkabout Air private charter is not only a first class experience, it is convenient, private and saves you time.  It gives you the freedom of flying into over  5,000 airports across the United States.  That is access to over 4,500 more airports than flying commercial.  When you fly with Walkabout Air we guarantee that you will receive the personalized service you deserve every time. 

Q.  Does the cost change with number of people on the flight?
A.  No, when flying with Walkabout Air, you are charged for the whole jet, no matter how many people are flying on it.  The cost is based on an hourly charge not the number of passengers.

Q. Can I keep the airplane overnight or for a week?
A. When you charter with Walkabout Air, you make the schedule, no matter how long and how far you want to travel. The airplane is all yours.

Q.  Are meals served on the flight?
A.  All of our aircraft come completely stocked with snacks and beverages that are complimentary with your flight.  If you have a specific meal or snack request on the aircraft when you arrive, our Charter Coordinator can arrange that.

Q.  Can Walkabout Air help me arrange ground transportation?
A.  Yes, whether you need a rental car or a limousine, our Charter Coordinator is there to help you arrange your ground transportation.  We offer this service free of charge, as part of your flying experience with Walkabout Air.

Q. What if my schedule changes while I am on the trip?
A. No problem. Our professional Charter Coordinators are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with any changes or questions you might have.

Q. Can I fly one-way with Walkabout Air?
A. Of course you can, but please be aware that chartered flights are charged on a round trip basis. Walkabout Air has to fly the airplane back to its home base.

Q. Are there additional costs that I will find out about after the trip is completed?
A. No. Walkabout Air gives you a quote up front and as long as there are no changes in your itinerary, we will honor that quote.  If we experience any unforeseen deviations, including weather and Air Traffic Control we will only charge you what we actually flew.

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