Walkabout Air Private, executive jet services and chartering
Walkabout Air Private, executive jet services and chartering
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Corporate Aircraft and Jet Charters

Why are so many companies choosing Walkabout Air to handle their charter flights? Below are just some of the reasons:

*Control Your Schedule
According to the Federal Aviation Administration, in 2009, more than 28% of all U.S. flights were delayed, and that does not include delays that may have occurred on connecting flights. By chartering an aircraft with Walkabout Air, you are set free from the restraints of airlines’ inflexible schedules. Walkabout Air allows you to organize the most effective travel schedule possible, eliminating wasted hours spent en route to-and-at crowded airports.

*A Further Reach
Not only does chartering with Walkabout Air give you the freedom to set your own flight schedule, but Walkabout Air also have access to land at over 5,000 airports and fixed base operators (FBOs) in the United States alone. Walkabout Air’s access enables you to arrive closer to your destination and avoid the commotion surrounding major airports.  Walkabout Air wants to reduce the wear and tear that can develop on travelers and provide an enjoyable, productive experience so our passengers are fresh and ready to work when they reach their destination.

*A Stress-Free Environment
When you are on your way to a critical business meeting you need to be focused and ready to deliver the moment you land, and you deserve to have your travel plans be seamless and be free of incident. Battling traffic, struggling through security lines, apprehension about delays, waiting to board, sitting on the tarmac and waiting for luggage does not equate to a stress-free atmosphere. Walkabout Air’s skilled staff of professionals will work nonstop to make your experience restful, relaxing and without hassle.

*A Smart Business Decision
While many private aviation and fractional ownership companies require a lump-some down payment, or monthly membership just to use their services, Walkabout Air gives you an option as to how to fund your travel.  Our finance department can comply with companies and individuals who find it more beneficial for one-time funding dedicated to yearly travel, or we can accommodate those who simply want to pay each time they fly.  Every aspect of Walkabout Air’s operation is geared toward our passengers and fitting what best suits their needs.   

For individuals whose time is valuable, the ability to control your own schedule, the option to avoid the congestion of major airports and the relaxed setting that chartering with Walkabout Air creates is the best business decision any successful traveler can make. 

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